We have discussed the five core qualities you need to work at startups. This time, we will focus on five skill sets that will help you land the startup job you are looking for. As a large pool of candidates seek startup jobs, recruiting for tech talent continues to be a challenge.

Many are searching for a perfect fit for these important roles, because every job a in startup is important. These jobs necessitate a diverse mix of skills such as marketing, content creation, technology, and people skills.

When you look for a startup job online, expect a little discouragement. I know that l felt some, because most are looking for developers and programmers – not a social media guy. These are key skill-sets that will help you gain work at startups, regardless of your non-tech area of interest.

1. Project Management

Project management is a skill and the discipline to initiate, plan, execute, and control the work of a team to achieve targeted goals. Working at a startup means you have multiple projects at once, which is why you should be capable of juggling and managing multiple projects.

2. Public Speech

I believe anyone in a startup would resonate with this – you spend a lot of time selling yourself and your products or services. Whether you are networking at a meetup or pitching to investors, public speaking is a must.

Jayson Ho, CEO of D8ii Limited, always says that the only way to get better at something is to practice, practice, and practice some more. He explains the importance of practicing on his blog.

Although it is terrifying for introverted people (like myself) to pitch in front of a large audience, practice is the only way out. Therefore, I highly recommend practicing your speech skills if you know you need to improve.

3. Writing / Content Creation

Are you a good writer? If not, you can start improving right now. More and more startups are implementing content marketing. Why? Because it works. Leaders and marketing experts around the world say that content marketing isn’t the future, it’s the present. Watch the video below on the history of content marketing to understand more in depth.

Of course, content creation is not all about writing – it can be video, audio drawings, and infographics too. Perhaps you have an interview with a startup – if you tell them that you can write, it is a huge plus.

Aside from content writing, you need writing skills for email. You send tons of emails daily working at a startup, reaching out to new customers and influencers. It is essential to get to the point accordingly with proper introduction.

4. Teamwork


Teamwork is no longer a quality, but a skill set. When you work at a startup, you will most likely have to work with distributed teams around the world that work remotely. It is difficult to manage smooth communication. You will need to adapt and learn how to better communicate with remote teams.

5.Growth Marketing

As startup enthusiasts, you might be familiar with the term “growth hacker”. This term is often misunderstood as marketers helping to grow startups, but it is slightly different since they have a deeper dedication to analytics and product design.

Growth hackers are professionals who are product-minded who know how to market. To be good at growth marketing, you’ll need to learn as you go.   

What do you think?

What are skill sets that you think is needed in order to work for startups?

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