The most successful people tend to have certain daily habits that make them highly productive. After researching the routines and habits of the most successful CEOs, they had a common theme of efficient habits. Even in the fast paced Bangkok, successful entrepreneurs and founders follow these habits in their city environment.

Eat the frog

The “sabai sabai” culture–or easygoing attitude–in Bangkok should not be mistaken as procrastination. This famous quote from Mark Twain sounds strange at first, but it makes an important point–it implies you should do the hardest task on your list first. Eating a frog is unlikely to appear on your task list, but it implies to just do it and avoid procrastinating. Whether it is an important phone call, impending project, or client meeting–tackle the most lingering item on your to-do-list. “Sabai sabai” is certainly a large part of the Thai culture, but that should not stop you from being productive throughout the day.

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Make lists

The most successful people utilize lists to stay productive. However, these lists are slightly different than a typical task list. They write out tasks to be accomplished on that day and goals for the long-term. It allows them to prioritize tasks and track progress of their projects. These lists verify that the tasks to be accomplished that day align with your long term goals. It is a simple organizational habit that anyone can do–and it goes a long way.

Be intentional with time

Living in Bangkok can be stressful at times, from the traffic, public transportation, and trying to get places. Often, this takes up extra time during the day. Successful people are intentional with the time they have–even the minutes count. With the average commute being roughly an hour, that extra time can utilized. Perhaps take care of emails on the MRT/BTS or have a phone call in the taxi. Using the extra time during your day that takes form in commute or waiting will help you accomplish minor tasks so you can focus on the big ones.

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Exercise and meditate

This habit is listed for obvious reasons. Exercise relieves stress and helps us live longer. It is an important part of staying healthy and productive. In Bangkok, there are many options when it comes to fitness. Benchasiri Park in the Sukumvit area offers a large open space for jogging, strolling, basketball, and weights. Numerous health clubs have appeared across the city such as True Fitness and Virgin Health, offering convenient locations and services. Many people find time a few times a week to go to a nearby gym. It makes a large difference with their ability to stay focused, lower stress, and accomplish more.

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