Hello startup enthusiast folks.

This week I had a chance to interview one of our interns from the United States. At D8ii Limited, we are currently around 20 people from around the world. I am excited to share one of our intern’s experience with us!


Tell us a little bit about yourself and your background.


My name is Anna Herold and I’m a student from Indiana University in Bloomington, Indiana. I’m majoring in Finance, Accounting, and Business Analytics. I actually didn’t expect to be in Bangkok this summer, but currently I’m an intern as a data analyst for two months.

D8ii limited bangkok interview intern

Initially, I was set on going into investment banking and nothing else. I then connected with
Jayson Ho, who has a background in banking. He really introduced me to the startup ecosystem here. It’s booming and exciting! I’ve definitely opened up my career avenues to working in startups and business incubators.

I think it’s more engaging than the corporate business world, there’s so much going on and a lot of room for creativity. The projects move so quickly and are really interesting–I’m very happy to be part of the team.

Q1) What do you do for D8ii Limited?

My official title is analyst intern but I’m not really confined to one job. I’m part of a variety of projects here which is I like about the company. I’m not doing one task–I’m really involved in multiple projects that have huge impacts–such as our equity crowd funding project, making pitch decks for investors, or helping with the social media platform. I feel like I’m engaged with everything going on here.

Q2) Why did you want to work in Bangkok?

A little bit more about me is that I’m from little town in Indiana called Bloomington. I grew up on a horse farm and never moved outside of my town, and even go to university there. I’ve never experienced living in a big city or visited Asia before.

When the opportunity arose to intern here, I kind of just went for it. I really wanted to experience Asia and especially Thailand because I think Thai culture is unique. Especially the booming e-commerce, startup ecosystem, it’s very exciting here.

I think the people is what I noticed here that is very unique. The culture here is very different, but people here are very caring and accommodating.

Q3)  Pitch D8ii Limited to me as if I were buying your service.

Simply put, D8ii Limited is a catalyst for growth and innovation for startups in early stages. When you have an idea, D8ii can provide you with resources and human capital to build your technology and platform to take you three steps further. With D8ii, your company can get ahead and advance from the competition with advanced technology solutions.

Q4) Why do you think so many startups fail in your opinion? Why do you like to work for startups?

Let me first answer why I like startup culture–there’s so much room for creativity. You are not bound by rules. Even in the office, we don’t have cubicles. It’s just open so you can talk to anybody, you can share your thoughts and opinions, openly collaborate.

When you have a creative idea, you can make it happen in the startup world. At the same time, 90% of startups fail. So many people come up with creative ideas, but they don’t come up with the ideas that solve people’s problems. In other words, they do not tap a large enough market of consumers who will benefit from their idea or solution.

Attitudes of startups themselves determine if they succeed or fail. Our CEO Jayson often says, “Do you want to be a tiger or rabbit?”, and this question makes sense because the startup ecosystem is much like a food chain. Ones who succeed are gonna be the top of the food chain. You have to be the tiger, the one that’s the go getter that really goes after it.

Q5) What do you think about our CEO, Jayson Ho?

When you first meet Jayson, he is a very calm and composed person. But when you start talking to him, you realize how much he does. He is very humble about everything he does. I like his entrepreneurial mentality of going after what he wants and being the best at it. Having an athlete background, I understand how important this drive is. His energy and ambition is contagious–I feel constantly motivated to do my best work.

Q6) If you could do a Skype call with any living person, who would it be and why?

Definitely Richard Branson. As a business student, Richard Branson is one of my biggest influencers. He is the head of his huge empire Virgin Group, yet in interviews, he appears as a very humble and laid back person. He comes off as self-aware and kind.

I am inspired by his passion for innovation and sustainability. He definitely integrates his liberal, sustainable values in his businesses. He does a lot of projects to support the rain forest, renewable energies, and the oceans to a name a few.

Taiki: What do you want to ask him?

Anna: Hmm… I think I would ask him what caused his passion for renewable efforts and the oceans. He does everything, so I’d like to pick his brain a little bit.

Q7) Lastly, what is your favourite quote?

“No one can make you feel inferior without your consent.” by Eleanor Roosevelt.