Cultural diversity encompasses a set of features regarding anything from race and gender, to personal perception of yourself and others. Today, it is a very powerful tool that companies use to reach a higher level of performance. I’ll explain why startups should think about creating a culturally diverse environment 

1. Faster Problem Solving

Cultural diversity isn’t just about culture, or gender and ethnicity; it’s also about different ways of thinking, life perspectives, interests and backgrounds. To prove this statement, D8ii conducted an experiment. Our team was given a real-life problem and had to come up with one solution for this problem.

Problem: Trash in Bangkok


  • – More trash bins (American)
  • – Plastic shopping bags replaced with eco-friendly bags (Japanese/ French)
  • – Recycling (Bhutanese)
  • – Problem is people, need to educate people first (British)
  • – Charge for plastic bags in the shop (Chinese)
  • – Waste segregation (Filipino)

As you can see, all of the solutions differ from each other. So can the problem be solved faster?

The answer is definitely yes.

If there are many different solutions, then it’s very probable that one of these solutions will solve the problem.

2. Adaptability

A diverse team that shares different backgrounds, views, and interests are very flexible. Therefore, they are easily adaptable to both market fluctuations and consumer behavior that is constantly changing. The faster the team can adapt to these changes, the more time and money the company will save.

3. The World is Ours

The D8ii Limited team consists of nine nationalities: Russian, American, Filipino, British, Chinese, Japanese, Bhutanese, Vietnamese, and Thai. That means we speak eight distinct languages! We each know the specifications of our own culture; which brings nine different cultural perspectives into our workplace.

4. Tell Me your Viewpoint

A big advantage of cultural diversity in the workplace is that employees have different ways of thinking which generates a pool of different ideas. Therefore, decision makers have a wider range of creative ideas and solutions.

5. Managing a Diverse Team

Cultural diversity has an immerse number of advantages in the workplace. It must be managed properly in order to avoid miscommunication and interpersonal conflicts. This could lead to lost productivity and development of negative emotions among employees.

D8ii Limited recommends organizing constant events where employees can spend time together in a non-formal environment. It could be anything: lunch together, movie night or even some drinks on the weekend. These team-building events will help your employees bond and be more comfortable with each other; and therefore, they will work more efficient as a team.

What do you think?

Do you have diverse team in your startup?