When we mention iron will, we are talking about a very high level of determination. A will to succeed no matter what obstacle stands in the way. Some people are naturally born with determination and tenacity. However, many people are not born with an iron will and it is a skill that must be learned through experience.

Most entrepreneurs will tell you that failure is a big part of starting up a new business. Some will tell you that it is the norm because so many entrepreneurs often fail before they start a successful venture. Successful salespeople must also have an iron will. They cannot take “no” for an answer because if they do then they will not make any sales.

 If you want to be successful then you must embrace failure. You must embrace it, understand the mistakes you made, fix it, and try again. You must have iron will.

Steve Jobs, who is iconic in the business world, is a prime example of someone who demonstrated iron will. Steve Jobs was fired by the board of directors from a widely-known company he co-founded known as Apple. He then bought an animation studio called Pixar and created many popular movies using the studio which eventually sold to Walt Disney. He could have easily just given up from discouragement; instead, he kept on pushing forward and Apple eventually offered him his previous position as CEO.

Although not all people are born with iron will, this skill can be acquired and, once acquired, have a huge impact on your life. Not only will it increase your productivity at work, having iron will can make you a successful entrepreneur and businessman.