Successful entrepreneurs in Southeast Asia do two things very well:

First, they are a master of their own time.

Second, they are updated with trends in the startup scene.

But you’re probably wondering,

“How do entrepreneurs stay updated with startup news and trends?”

Well, today I’m going to make it easy for you to be on top of the startup game.

Let’s face it.

There are many websites out there that aren’t worth your time. They don’t provide useful information and by the time you’re done reading the article, you realize you could have been spending your time doing something else productive.

The truth is that there are many websites that actually do provide helpful resources for entrepreneurs to grow their startups.

How can you tell if the information is relevant for you to become a more remarkable entrepreneur in Southeast Asia?

Well, all you need to do is carve out a few minutes of your day and bookmark these websites below.

1. Thumbsup

Thumbsup is a leading tech-blog in Thailand. The content is mainly written in Thai but it has an English section that provides information for foreign entrepreneurs. They write about local technology, tech startups, the social media movement, ecommerce and more.

Why the name Thumbsup?

Their experiences of discovering news to Thai tech savies that loving their contents.

Thumbsup was co-founded by Oranuch Lerdsuwankij, AKA Mimee.

2. Techsauce

Techsauce is available in Thai, Japanese, and English. It was established by two Thai technology startups, Thumbsup and HUBBA – the biggest coworking space network in Thailand. They teamed up to combine their expertise in media, events and community to boost Thai startup scene.

They write about case studies, job information, interviews, how-to guides, and startups.

Techsauce was founded by Mimee and Amarit Charoenphan.

3. Tech in Asia

Tech in Asia (TIA) is a media, event, and job platform for Asian tech communities. Tech in Asia covers a wide range of topics: startups, founder interviews, ecommerce, the mobile industry, investments and more.

Want to know the best thing about TIA?

Above all, anyone can write on their own platform to discuss their topics and spread their expertise.

Tech in Asia was funded by WIllis Wee.

4. The Bridge

The Bridge is a Japanese media website that’s available in both Japanese and English. They deliver news updates regarding the local startup scene. On top of that, they also provide an in-depth database filled with startups and founders’ profiles from around Asia.

Most of the topics they write about are related to startups, mobile technology, and apps.

The Bridge was funded by Masaru Ikeda.

5. Asean Up

ASEAN UP is a digital platform that publishes information to empower the business scene in ASEAN; and its member countries.

You can read quality resources for each ASEAN country regarding these topics: startups and entrepreneurship, finance, marketing, technology and tourism.

ASEAN Up was funded by Florian Bansac.

6. Demystify Asia

If you are looking to learn more about technology and companies within Asia, then Demystify Asia is the place for you. Entrepreneurs, investors, and even consumers can enjoy this content.

They write mostly about startups, apps, internet, mobile technology, coworking spaces, technology, opinions from editors and more.

Demystify Asia was funded by Shona Schwartz.

7. Inc Southeast Asia

Inc Southeast Asia is the perfect website for entrepreneurs, startups, and SMEs in Southeast Asia. It provides cutting-edge information for business builders.
They mainly share information about technology, startups, lead-generation, innovation, and branding.

8. TechCrunch Asia

TechCrunch is huge, and most of you probably know them already. But did you know that they also have section just for Asia?

TechCrunch Asia provides information about the latest innovative tech coming out of Asia. It’s essentially identical to the main TechCrunch homepage, only it revolves around this particular region of the world.

TechCrunch was founded by Michael Arrington.

9. The Next Web Asia

Digital media from Amsterdam is even writing about the tech scene in Asia. They write about gadgets, startups, investments, funny tech stories, and other tech-related news.

10. D8ii Blog

D8ii limited, a UK startup based in Bangkok, shares interesting insights about the startup scene in Bangkok, how-to guides, investments, social media, entrepreneurship and more.

You can contribute if you have insight about entrepreneurship and startups in Southeast Asia.

D8ii limited was funded by Jason Ho.

11. Bangkok Post (Business)

Bangkok Post, Thailand’s media titan. Bangkok Post shares the latest news, politics, and business from across Southeast Asia.
You can think of Bangkok Post as an Asian version of Huffington Post.

12. Thailand Business News

Thailand Business News is a news service that revolves around Thailand, with a business and financial perspective edited in Bangkok.

Thailand Business News writes about real estate, business, politics, the economy, and the startup scene in Thailand.

13. EcomEye

EcomEye is a unique website that focuses on the ecommerce scene in Southeast Asia. Because they focus on ecommerce, you will only find in-depth resources that you need in Southeast Asia.

EcomEye was funded by Minh Bui.

14. Mashable Asia

You’ve heard of them. You know them. Mashable, they are present in Asia too.
They produce tons of content revolving around video, social media, startups, technology, business, small business and more.

15. The Asian Entrepreneur

The Asian Entrepreneur, aka TAE, is one of the leading international media sources that focuses on documenting developments in business industries across Asia. They do this by profiling entrepreneurs and business owners. TAE is the first digital business magazine that specializes in the Asian-startup scene.

TAE writes about the startup scene, startup advice, startup news, infographics and interviews from entrepreneurs.

16. Entrepreneurs Asia

Entrepreneurs Asia is aiming to become the leading source for news and information for entrepreneurs, small businesses, and startups in Asia.

Their articles focus on well-researched tips and actionable practical advice that can be used to improve business in Asia.

17. Iglu Blog

Iglu was originally a software development company, but they have shifted into a community that provides an outsourcing program. Iglu can help relocate your business, your team, and your projects in Thailand.

Having a strong team of digital nomads, their blog mainly focuses on providing useful tips and insights about the Thailand startup scene, and the digital nomad lifestyle. Iglu seems to focus on digital nomads and freelancers but they also share their opinion about the Thailand startup ecosystem.

Iglu was funded by Ozzi Jarvinen.

18. Siam Startup

Siam Startup is run by the Iglu team, located in Chiang Mai. If you are a founder of a startup in Thailand or a founder actively seeking the best location for your startup, Siam Startup may help convince you to come to Thailand.

They write about finance and legal information relevant to building startups in Thailand. Siam Startup has a podcast where you can enjoy interviews with VCs.

19. Seedstars World

Seedstars World focuses on fast-growing markets and emerging startup scenes. They believe there is a tremendous amount of undiscovered opportunities. They also believe that there are many passionate entrepreneurs that need to be discovered.

Although Seedstars World covers global startup scenes in general, they write top news relevant to the Southeast Asian startup scene.

20. Top Funded

Top Funded is an investment research site covering startups, VCs, private equity, m&a, financial markets and investments in Southeast Asia.  

Top Funded was started so that they could attract foreign direct investment into Southeast Asia to support the startup ecosystem, SMEs, and trade.

For those of you who like to watch YouTube videos, you can enjoy this interview video with entrepreneurs in Southeast Asia.

Top Funded was funded by Jorge Jimenez.

21. E27

Last but not least, E27 is a place where you find news, community events, talent, and funding. You can also contribute by writing on their platform if you are an expert in some specific area.

They write about startups, funding, investments, apps, basically everything you need to know about building a startup.

E27 was funded by Mohan Belani.

After all, the most useful website is the one that individually works for you.

So start exploring, and enjoy your reading.

Now I want to hear from you.

What do you think about these 21 websites?

Or you maybe you have a question about something?

Either way, leave us a quick comment below.

We will appreciate it if you share your favourite website you use for collecting information about startups and entrepreneurship in the comments.