By now you know that we believe that Bangkok will be the next startup hub in Asia – this means that there will be opportunities for everyone, especially digital nomads. Of course, every company needs to set-up their information technology. Either they outsource it or hire a team to do it for them.

We asked our own digital nomads here at D8ii on what advantages they have while working here in Bangkok.

Cost of Living

The value of money here is still very high. That being said, cost of living is very cheap or affordable. In a day, you can allot a budget of $10 to $15 and you can already live very comfortably. For rentals, you can get an apartment for as low as $250/month depending on the area and accommodation you prefer. As cited by Aaron, one of our software engineers: “I can rent a four bedroom house here for less than I would pay for a small room in UK.”  

Good Weather

Thailand has tropical weather, thus, it is sunny most of the times. The rainy season is May to October. It has weather to enjoy activities like going to the beach, visiting tourist sites, or even outdoor games.

Rich Culture 

Thailand has a rich culture to know, explore, and experience. In Bangkok, you not only get to know the Thai culture, but also other cultures of Asia (such as neighboring countries) and even some Western countries. Bangkok is a place where get to mingle with people from all over the world.

Friendly People

The Thai people in general are accommodating and friendly. They will go out of their ways extensively just to assist or help you in whatever you need, especially when they know you’re new in their country. Thailand is not called “Land of Smiles” for no reason.

Fantastic Scenery

Thailand has its own natural beautiful environment, with the nicest beaches and environmental parks to explore. Thailand is also enclosed by four neighboring countries in Asia — Malaysia, Myanmar, Cambodia, Laos — thus, living in Bangkok will give you easy access to plan your trip to those countries.

Modern Infrastructure

Bangkok is one place that you will notice a balance between the new and old. The areas along BTS and MRT lines have the most modern infrastructure like malls, hospitals, and recreation because this is accessible to anyone. As said by Cain, one of our mobile developers: “Bangkok is one of the most modern megalopolises in Asia.”

Growing Industry

There are opportunities waiting for everyone here in Bangkok. The startups have growing prominence and this means they need human capital who already have expertise in their field of their business. As Dorji said, our quality analyst: “Bangkok is a place where you can contribute what you know and continue learning.”

All of our D8ii developers commonly shared that they don’t regret choosing Bangkok to relocate their work and lives. They said they would recommend Bangkok to other digital nomads, for countless reasons, one being that the city could be the next Silicon Valley in Asia.