Working at a startup is cool. I have worked for three different startups so far, there I know there is an adventurous aspect about startup companies. One of them is the lack of bureaucracy and freedom to create ideas. Many job candidates are attracted to the work at startups.

However, this does not mean that working at startups is suited for everyone. There are certain key qualities that will help you work at startups regardless of your experience or area of interest. Here are five essential qualities to work at startups. I hope these tips help you land the startup job you are looking for.

1. Entrepreneurial spirit

Possessing an entrepreneurial spirit will boost your success working at startups. Why? Working at startups is all about taking initiative and being innovative. You don’t wait your manager to assign a task. You go look for them, you create them. Come up with an idea.

2. Having an idea is beautiful, but execution is everything

Having an idea is pretty easy. Especially if you work at startups, you will quickly find out that every colleague will have brilliant ideas too. Most entrepreneurs you may work for will expect from you nothing but this: EXECUTION.

In the startup world, only execution counts. So if you have an idea, work at least half way through it so that you gain buy-in when you share with your peers.

3. Be experimental

This one comes with quality number 2. You need to be experimental to know what works the best. As I’m in charge of social media in D8ii Limited, I keep on experimenting in order to know what works the best for each of our social media channels. I already wrote about being experimental for use of social media marketing here

Don’t be afraid to make a mistake. It will only help you for your next experiment to get a better result. Luckily for me, our CEO Jason Ho understands the importance of being experimental, so I’m not afraid of anything.

After all, the essence of the startup spirit is to problem-solve in an innovative, productive way.

4. Be proactive, not reactive

This interrelates with the qualities above as well. If you are reactive and wait for tasks to be assigned, maybe working at startups is not your ideal working environment.

There’s no problem if you are inexperienced or super young. The best part of working at startups is that everyone has the potential to leave their legacy in a big way.

Show that you are proactive and think ahead to help move the business a little forward. Once you become proactive, you will execute and you’ll see you stop being afraid to be experimental.

5. Be flexible

The ability to flow with flexibility is essential for startups. Once you start working for one, you will be working for so many different tasks and projects that were originally not yours. My college Katrina Lazaro, HR manager at D8ii limited, said in the interview she was originally hired as HR manager but currently she helps the content editor team and customer service team as well.

If you are looking for a job opportunity to work for startups, I like to search on Angel List. We at D8ii Limited are always looking for talented startup enthusiasts too. Feel free to drop us an email here.

What do you think?

What are qualities that you think is needed in order to work for startups?

We want to hear from you.