Globalism is a new trendy term that is used by people who treat the world as one. Globalism erases borders between us by making us being closer to each other. There are a lot of tools exists to integrate a new trend by being global citizen. And one of which is outsourcing. In this Article we Discussed about Outsourcing Beyond Border for your Startups. 

Outsourcing is not just about business, it is much more. By outsourcing part of your project to another country, to people of different culture and mindset you start using so called global resources and in the end your receive not only completed tasks, but also new way of thinking, completely new experience, and different opinions. By outsourcing your borders get larger which is beneficial not only for your project but for your personal development as well.  

If you have no longer concerns that outsourcing has a lot of advantages, but still hesitate to outsource or not, then read this article until the end, and I promise by the end you will have a clear understanding if outsourcing is something for you or not!

Steve Mezak the CEO and founder of Accelerance and leader in global software development in his book Software without Borders has mentioned several perfect situations when startups should outsource the software development and one situation when outsourcing is not needed. It is absolutely true that outsourcing is not perfect solution for the all situations.

The situation where the product is developing for the first time, outsourcing probably is not the best solution. When your product is still under the innovation and creativity process it is simply difficult to specify your product features to the outsourcing team. When it comes to the constant product innovation and artistic intervention, you might think twice before taking a decision towards outsourcing.

The story will be different if your company is creating an extension of already existing product. However, in this case, clear documentation of the main product should be provided.

If you want to enlarge already existing development team, doubtless outsourcing is the best solution for it. In addition you will get round the clock development of your product, while your internal team’s working day is finished, the outsourcing team overseas just started. That is the tremendous advantage if the product development should be delivered fast.

If your product is developed already and just need constant maintenance, outsourcing can be very helpful for you. When all the coding process is done, and only some incremental changes are needed you can consider outsourcing maintenance programming.

“Using outsourcing is like a marriage. It takes commitment from both sides to make the relationship work. Good communication is required. Success factors like these are the lifeblood of thriving companies making effective use of outsourcing.”

– Steve Mezak

Do you recognize yourself in the above mentioned scenarios? If yes, then the decision is clear. Shakespeare dilemma “to be or not to be” shouldn’t bother you anymore.

If it still does, keep reading…

The traditional startup story line starts with tight budget, lack of time, lack of resources and experience. The product has to be developed fast, as the fear that the product can be mainstreamed by someone else is rather strong. And the time comes to make a decision either towards expansive in-house development team or cheaper offshore? At the same time keeping in mind, that any decision you make should reflect positively on the initial goal to maximise startups limited resources.

There are tons of example of successful startups that use outsourcing in the early stages.

Would they be so successful now if they wouldn’t outsource back in the beginning of their story?

Think about it.  

Before deciding think carefully about time, budget and resources you need to accomplish the product.

Outsourcing will definitely help to save your time, your budget and will open doors to high level expertise overseas. Focus on the product improvement, marketing and etc… And meanwhile low cost and knowledgeable team will help to launch the product sooner.

Still hesitating?

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