I’m a huge fan of inspiring quotes.

There’s something about quotes that we all get pumped. Maybe it’s because they come from ordinary people like me or you who have achieved extraordinary things in their lives.

Or maybe it is because of their carisma.

Or if you are impulsive like me, it could be that by reading their wisdom words we reach full potential of something we feel is possible for ourselves as well.

But the truth is, I honestly don’t know.

Whatever reason you may have, we both agree that there’s nothing like a inspiring quote to get your heart excited.

Am I right?

Here the best collection of 21 inspiring quotes from Asian entrepreneurs that will motivate your entrepreneurial pursuits at startups.

1. Yoshikazu Tanaka, GREE

I think the number one advice I can give is – you just have to start it. Just get your feet in the water and do it. I learned a lot from just trying it out.

2. Masayoshi Son, Softbank

Do not be bound by this age; aim to create a new age that will delight people throughout the world.

3. Manuel V. Pangilinan, PLDT

The abiding lesson is that enduring long-term wealth, especially for self-made people, really comes from doing the right thing – no shortcuts, no corruption – and earning it the right way.

4. Sachin and Binny Bansal, Flipkart

The core of any business is to earn money. You have not done your job well untill you find a stranger who is willing to open his/her wallet to give you money for the services/products that you are offering.

5. Le Hong Minh, VNG

You need to love your work, and work hard at it […] Constantly ask yourself, what is the most important thing to you right now?

6. Terry Gou, Foxconn

I never think I am successful. If I am successful, then I should be retired.

7. Patrick Linden, Dealguru Holdings

It is important for entrepreneurs to stay firm to what they believe in.

8. Firdhaus Akber, Streetdirectory

Why be so concerned about failure? If you fall down, pick yourself up and try again. Just keep trying, there’s no one who will fail forever.

9. Mark Chang, Jobstreet

I know only of the “kerbau” (buffalo) way, that is, to work hard and wait for the rain.

10. Jack Ma, Alibaba

A lot of people complain about yesterday. We have no power to change yesterday. But this very day, 30 years later, is what we can control and decide.
Change yourself, take baby steps, and stay determined for ten years.

11. Lee Kuan Yew, PM Singapore

Life is not just eating, drinking, television and cinema. The human mind must be creative, must be self-generating; it cannot depend on just gadgets to amuse itself.

12. Takahashi Yanai, Uniqlo

13. Darius Cheung, 99.co

Don’t sweat the small things. Pay for services as if you are a $10M company, especially if it saves you time or speeds you up.

14. Min Liang Tan, Razer

The things that I waste most of my time on in my youth have probably become the most constructive for me today. I don’t believe that anything is a waste of time.

15. Krystal Choo, Wander

Staying true to your vision and keeping that straight line is something you need to be consciously doing.

16. Tony Fernandes, Air Asia

Believe the unbelievable. Dream the impossible. Never take ‘no’ for an answer.

17. Elim Chew, 77th Street

For me, to live is about impacting people’s lives.

18. Lyn Lee, Awfully Chocolate

If you are not particularly good at something, you hire someone who is good to help you.

19. Wang Jianlin, Dalian Wanda

One of the most defining characteristics of my success is that I’ve never had full trust in books. You cannot simply copy models that have been proved by successful entrepreneurs.

20. Andrea Chong, DC Creative

You need to find what you’re passionate about and have direction

21. Lim Hock Chee, Sheng Siong

Rather than waste time comparing ourselves with others, why not look at how you can improve yourself instead.


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