Quotes I like:
Asked how one can keep “challenging and evolving” Son replies:
“In my own work, I have practiced a few secrets. One is: ‘Think until your brain seems to be coming apart.’ When I was about 19 and studying in the U.S., I practiced the discipline of every day devoting five minutes to coming up with a new concept. In one year I produced 250 ideas for which I could apply for patents. One of them was a audio-response multi-language translation device of which I went as far as developing the prototype and earning JPY 170 million ($1.1 million).
Jayson ho says sometimes I’m a bit crazy with my experiments but some things I have learned also from this quote and from son:
“When Masayoshi came to California to pitch the idea of a phone to Steve Jobs, jobs told him that they already are making one of their own, he immediately pitched the idea of taking the phone to Japan and became one of the earliest carriers to tie up with Apple and hence raking the profits of the successful launch of the iPhone.”
Sometimes you might need make refinement, adjustments but there is never really a bullet proof method to solve anything. Knowing when to adapt, how to adapt and pivot is key.
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