Working at a startup is cool. I have worked for three different startups so far, there I know there is an adventurous aspect about startup companies. One of them is the lack of bureaucracy and freedom to create ideas. Many job candidates are attracted to the work at startups.

However, this does not mean that working at startups is suited for everyone. There are certain key qualities that will help you work at startups regardless of your experience or area of interest. Here are five essential qualities to work at startups. I hope these tips help you land the startup job you are looking for.

1. Entrepreneurial spirit

Possessing an entrepreneurial spirit will boost your success working at startups. Why? Working at startups is all about taking initiative and being innovative. You don’t wait your manager to assign a task. You go look for them, you create them. Come up with an idea.

2. Having an idea is beautiful, but execution is everything

Having an idea is pretty easy. Especially if you work at startups, you will quickly find out that every colleague will have brilliant ideas too. Most entrepreneurs you may work for will expect from you nothing but this: EXECUTION.

In the startup world, only execution counts. So if you have an idea, work at least half way through it so that you gain buy-in when you share with your peers.

3. Be experimental

This one comes with quality number 2. You need to b