We have discussed in the previous articles about the advantages and disadvantages of outsourcing

Just to remind you, by outsourcing software development you get not only time and monetary benefits but as well an entrance to a new geographical market.

Too many benefits to your company from using outsourcing seem to be very attractive?

You have done a clear decision, taking into account all pros and cons, towards outsourcing. You adequately understand the consequences and the amount of profit by using outsourcing.

Congratulations! You are almost done with your decision!

But! The life would be so easy without all these “but’s”, on the same hand it also makes it much more interesting. Isnt it? Anyways, I am here to help you to get rid of all the doubts.

Let’s start!

The crucial point in your decision making process is to choose the right company for offshore outsourcing, which would be the main success factor of your product development.

If the decision has to be done by you, and the choice of outsourcing company is laying on your shoulder, don’t forget the to use the old well-working method – word of mouth. Ask your partners, acquaintances, friends, relatives-doesn’t matter, for sure you will find couple of suggestions.

In this business no hurry!

Be patient, keep interviewing outsourcing teams and chose at least three with whom you will feel good vibes and then make your choice relying not only on their good profiles and wide range of positive reviews, but also on your own intuitive feeling.

Once the offshore company is picked make sure you discuss everything in details. When I say in details, I really mean details, every tiny thing.

Be picky!

In the end the whole world is about little details. Think carefully in advance about the timeline, work deliverable, what kind of software you prefer to use to keep in touch and discuss the project outline. Don’t forget about the financial part, include to your discussion list a payment method, when the payment will be transferred, and of course the amount of money.

Now It’s Your Time to Outsource

You should understand and memorize all the dos and don’ts’ in order to minimize risks and make the process of outsourcing works smoothly.

Good luck! And remember, every step you make, it should be only a step forward!